(Excellent information about pet foods, how to read a pet food label and common myths about pet food, all answered by veterinarians, specializing in animal nutrition)
(Great client handouts and information on various diseases, written by veterinarians)
(Poisonous plant list for dogs and cats from ASPCA)
(The TRUTH about Anesthesia-free dentistry. HINT: We DO NOT recommend)
(How to brush your pet’s teeth)
(Article with additional links to preventative care, different vaccinations, microchipping etc)
(Article on warm weather safety tips)
(Article on cold weather safety tips)
(Article on euthanasia, how to know when it is time, the process etc)

(Quality of Life Scales to help decide when euthanasia is time)

(Video how to train your dog to enjoy nails trims- START EARLY!)
(article about how to choose the best breed for your family)
(Information on how to prevent dog bites, including educating your children how to behave around dogs)
(How to train your pet to accept a muzzle and make it fun. Strongly recommend you do with all dogs, but especially puppies to desensitize them and have them associate good things with them. Sometimes they are necessary tools when a pet is painful, injured, or fearful)

(Link to great videos by Ingrid Johnson, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, on how to give medication to your cat, giving subcutaneous fluids to your cat, trimming your cats nails, how to train your cat to accept an asthma inhaler, how to get your cat into a carrier, use of food puzzles, and how to provide environmental enrichment)
(Link to different types of great food puzzles, videos of cats using them, and where to buy them, to encourage your pet to hunt, exercise, and reduce boredom, to help with weight loss and anxiety. Especially helpful for indoor only cats!)
(link to official website of the American Association of Feline Practitioners)
(link to reliable information about cats for clients from the American Association of Feline Practitioners)