Dear Dr. Bayliff:

So sorry to hear you are leaving Montrose Pet Hospital, but we want to wish you the very best in Utah.

Although it has been nearly two years, we will never forget how important and caring you were to us and our Lab, Lizzy — especially in her “super senior” years. Every time Lizzy visited, you were happy to see her (as she was to you), and had a new and valuable idea for how to treat her. We know in our hearts that, with your kind and expert care, we were blessed with an extra 3-4 years of life with her. She lived to age 15! And at the end, you offered us great kindness, comfort and support.

You truly have a special way with animals (and their owners!), and have found your calling. Your new clients will be well served. Montrose Pet Hospital’s loss is Utah’s gain!

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