We have had several pets over the years, and we strive to love them and care for them as much as they love and care for us. Part of that is finding excellent veterinary care, which is a challenge. Some doctors love our pets, others have thorough and up-to-date medical knowledge and skill, others are able to communicate clearly what we need to do for our pets and what our options are, and still others run an office that is clean, efficient, and friendly. Finding a doctor who has all of these qualities is somewhat like finding one’s soul mate, and that is exactly whom we have found in Dr. Bayliff. Dr. Bayliff has been there when we brought home the puppy, through the surgeries and “the cone,” in those wonderful in-between years when we don’t see each other very often because our pets are strong and healthy, and those aging years when we have more frequent visits. She has sat on the floor with me because my sick dog was scared of the examination table. She has taught me to administer injections to my elderly diabetic dog, and she has consulted regarding end-of life decisions. Dr. Bayliff has been there for our family on some of our happiest and some of our most excruciating days, and we are truly grateful and forever bonded.

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