“We hit the jackpot having Dr. Bayliff as vet to our two cats, Huck and Daisy while she was at Montrose Pet Hospital. She was compassionate with both of them, and us, always thoroughly explaining our care options and offering her expert opinion on how best to proceed. Dr. Bayliff went above and beyond on several occasions with Huck. I know he looks cute, but that little, gray, feral rescue is petrified of the carrier. She offered tips on how to get him in there without too much of a fight, and on one occasion when nothing seemed to work, she made a house call to us on our lunch break. A HOUSECALL! She is extraordinary, and while we very much miss having her as our vet in SoCal, we know Salt Lake City’s pets are VERY lucky.”

– Tiffany P.
Altadena, CA

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