My wife and I live just outside of Los Angeles. We have been dog owners for many years and fortunately had an amazing caring veterinarian, Brandi Bayliff. We had two Maltese and our Mikey was diagnosed with thyroid cancer which was spreading through his body. Brandi treated Mikey with love, compassion and outstanding care and kept him active and happy for three plus years after his diagnosis. Her acupuncture therapy worked wonders for Mikey. Eventually Mikey passed and Brandi arranged for him to pass painlessly and with his whole family around him. We will forever be thankful for Brandi Bayliff for all she did. She was the most amazing caring and competent veterinarian we have ever had. She also took care of our other dog, Lulu who is doing great. The pet owners in Salt Lake City are truly fortunate to have the best veterinarian we have ever known.

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