Dr. Bayliff since meeting during one of our three dogs wellness exams or animal emergencies, you have always treated our animals with a compassionate gentleness and such professionalism as you spoke to them like they were your own. You shared rave reviews with such enthusiasm during annual exams and sometimes not such great news about our senior dogs. Always understanding our love and concern as we teared up with emotion in the exam room.

I am so grateful that our black Standard Poodle Coco who almost made it to her 16th birthday benefited from your knowledge and caring hands during your time at Montrose Pet Hospital.

You are smart, kind and understanding and the Sun Family will miss you so much…and that includes Benson (12 year old Bichon) and Fanny (12 year old white Standard Poodle) who, as you understand are our beloved fur-children.

Your new Utah veterinary family will be so lucky and blessed to have you in the very near future.

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