You are getting the best veterinarian there is. We are heartbroken to lose her. My wife cried when she learned Dr Bayliff was leaving. Our loss is your gain. There is so much we have to say. We hope people read this.

We have a super-high energy chocolate lab with epilepsy named Joe. He is our world. We love him so much, but he is very difficult to handle. Dr Bayliff and her team are always understanding and wonderful with him. She has a unique, fun and delightful way of dealing with animals. They LOVE her. Joe wants to marry her.

Joe’s medical condition has progressed since he was first diagnosed at 2, and many times we thought we would lose him. Dr Bayliff has spent untold hours of her own time researching his condition because she cares. She used her vast experience and constant training to prescribe and oversee the best medicines and treatment for him. She solicits other professional opinions and stays on top of his progress. She calls and checks up on him. She makes thoughtful and well-researched adjustments. She has an amazing approach.

Joe will be 8 this year….thanks to Dr Bayliff.

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