Dr. Brandi Bayliff has been our families Veterinarian for many years. We relied on her expertise over the years to guide us in making the best decisions for our pets. Dr. Bayliff has a true compassion for all animals and cares for them as if they were her own. She is beyond thorough in her exams and always takes her time to explain and deliver treatment options that are easy to understand. She most recently saved our Cocker Spaniel’s life by detecting a small growth on a routine exam. Thankfully it turned out to be a non cancerous growth and he is fine, but if left untreated, may have turned out differently and costly for us. Her patience and knowledge of all aspects of Veterinary medicine are astounding. She’s a remarkable surgeon as well and we’ve been blessed many times by her skillful hand.

Dr. Bayliff cares for several of our neighbors pets and they have been so grateful of our recommendation to see her. From puppies to seniors, dogs to cats, and everything in between, having her as our longtime Veterinarian has been a true pleasure and trusting experience from day one. Dr. Bayliff is one of a kind, and entrusting her in yours pets care will be a remarkable journey for you and your pets with complete peace of mind.

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