As a person whose pets are part of the family, the importance of a great veterinarian cannot be understated. Dr Bayliff is exceptional in every way. Her vast and ever-expanding knowledge base has an incredible impact on the health and recovery of patients. She is also dedicated in every sense, recognizing the unique bond between we pet parents and out pets.

Dr Bayliff loves animals and brings a certain calm to them. Her talents and abilities supersede that of an ordinary vet, although her humble nature combined with her positive attitude are an incredible part of the complete care you get with Dr Bayliff. She treats our pets as as we would have them treated in an ideal world. This extraordinary regard has seen us through the very best veterinary care we could have hoped for with our pets. Beyond words, we appreciate all that Dr Bayliff is as a veterinarian and a person. She is bar none, the absolute best!

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