How do we put to words our thoughts and love for Dr. Bayliff?

It is simply not possible – so, what ever kindness and joy you find reading this letter please multiply it by 10,000 times and you will come close to how we feel about Dr Bayliff as a veterinarian, a person and a friend.

We met Dr Bayliff when our rescued kitty, Jimmy Jazz, was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease and it didn’t look like he would be with us for long.

But as you will find out, Dr Bayliff will not only do all she can, but she WILL DO all that can be done to care for your pet..

Her use of western and eastern veterinarian techniques gave us hope when there wasn’t any. Gave us results when we didn’t know they were even possible. It was through her thoughtful, intuitive, yet studied and skillful care, that we were able to have 5 more unforgettable years with our Jimmy. We started fondly calling her a “witch doctor” because when we would bring Jimmy in – riddled with arthritis, lethargy and constipation (and that was only a few of his problems) we would leave her office 40 minutes later and Jimmy would have a bounce in his step and back to his unique brand of humor.

We think Dr Bayliff’s heart is so full of kindness and compassion that her arteries could no longer contain it all, and it leaked out to her exterior and that’s why she’s so beautiful and radiant.

Utah is a gorgeous state, and family is important, but we just absolutely hate to lose her… But we understand and wish her all the love back to her that she’s given us.

Did we mention that she has a fabulous sense of humor, quick wit, and really listens when you speak to her. She always makes you feel like your important and that you are her only patient (even when there is a pile of patients in other rooms and the waiting room).

So, it is with tears over our smiles that we say goodbye to Dr. Bayliff. Smiles because we know how lucky those Utah animals are going to be in her care. Tears because she’s more than our Vet…. she’s an angel who although very professional, took care of our Jimmy like he was her own. We will miss you so Dr. Bayliff. You are one in a trillion.

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